Reading is Fundamental (RIF) needed a full redesign and consolidation of content from across multiple websites. My team led re-architecting content, redesigning the site for a responsive experience, front end development, and development of a new content management system. 

Our design conversation with the client was facilitated via Element Collages, and we had the luxury of playing with a beautifully updated RIF brand, hot off the Mother New York presses. We experimented with brand implementations through high priority tasks like donation, as well as through navigation, page layout, and calls to action. 

We brought fresh thinking and new perspective with responsive design, content strategy, and a refactored CMS. Our approach and process was designed to think about design as pieces instead of pages while we collaboratively assembling new collections of content with the RIF in-house team. This project still lives on as an excellent study on an open responsive redesign. 

Live Site

Open Redesign

Agency: SuperFriendly

Role: Project Manager

Other Team Members: Noah Stokes and Kevin Hoffman