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Radio Free Europe by Matthew Cook


You can be hanged for visiting our site.

It’s not often I get to take on a project where the client lives in that context, but this is reality for Radio Free Europe. RFE delivers news and truth to some of the most information-starved countries and people groups in the world, and I can’t help but be impressed. We met with a small team in Prague; sometimes eight members, sometimes 15, but never a huge committee, and never with a hierarchical room of Directors and VPs. Everyone cares, nobody has just one purpose, and the atmosphere of actionable outcomes is tangible.

With content carrying this type of consequence, and the team being small and intent, there’s a crystal clarity to the goal of everything we plan to do in redesigning

Get the message out.

SuperFriendly is wading into a atomic design process with RFE, and we want to share the experience openly on

The iterative process with SuperFriendly will flow roughly like this:

  1. Kickoff
  2. Design Direction through element collages
  3. Performance Budgeting
  4. Design Production
  5. Front End Development
  6. Handoff

From there RFE will carry on with integration, content migration, and using the elements we create together to build out websites for sister organizations.

It’s a big process, distributed team, and a weighty purpose. Look for more updates on the blog as we progress. Also see intro posts to this process from other SuperFriendly team members Tim Kadlec and Dan Mall.

If you’re interested you can also keep an eye on our twitter accounts as we progress. I’m sure we’ll be tossing out ideas and findings along the way.