What I do.

I'm a Digital Producer working on websites, applications, and digital installations. That means I'm the closest non-designer, non-developer to the things being made. 

More eloquently, I'm the tactician counterpart to a project lead such as a Design Director, Technical Director, or Creative Director. I'm the right hand. I guarantee completion at a specific level of quality and fitness through communication and learning/expertise; simultaneously in the weeds on problem issues yet accurately utilizing the entire breadth of skills and roles on a project. I'm always leading the charge but never the subject matter expert. I get in over my head, I'm messy, I'm exactly good enough. 

I sit squarely in the middle between the project, the client, and the team doing the work. I'm the fastest learner in the room. I bring clarity to all parties and my business function is tied more to value than dollars. I ensure the client perceives the rightness of the project’s direction. In my role, I champion my team’s vision and expertise, my end client’s needs, and my business’s need for profit and control—all simultaneously. I must play or solve for any missing part: code, UX, content strategy, or design as needed. 

Current Involvement.

Digital Producer, The Fathom and Draft

I worked in the same room as Matthew Smith for years before finally joining forces with him as he started The Fathom and Draft. We concept and design beautiful, deep digital experiences. Digital screens for a physical locker system, a Fortune 100 e-commerce website redesign, a hub for a network of health providers, and a podcast publishing site; these are a few things we've built that share a common need for complex process and content to be relatable for users. We create the digital transaction between users and brands.

I'm learning to apply and critique my own User Experience concepts.  

General Partner, AtLas local

Atlas Local has an old soul. At eight years old we're an elder in the young world of coworking. We're building a community of creative professionals in the southeast. We think we're one of the best communities you can find and we fiercely love Greenville, SC. Look for us to announce some cool things in 2017.

I'm learning how to be a better partner.


I've been blessed to interact with some uncommonly inciting people and organizations. I wouldn't trade my path for any other. Here's a snippet of where I'm from:


I worked with Arbitrary and Jamie Kosoy from 2013 Through 2016. Specializing in creative code and design-minded development, Arbitrary makes lots of things that nobody has made before. Sometimes that was a fully responsive webGL game engine, sometimes it's a CMS in Google Spreadsheets. We even made an iPad app that controls a robot lifting sofas. 

I learned how to be a better technical producer. 

Producer, Superfriendly

I worked with SuperFriendly and Dan Mall for over two and a half years between 2012 and 2014. Our work was driven by an insatiable desire to provide the best experience, many times through cutting edge responsive websites. It was our honor to work with Grantland, Reading is Fundamental, ESPN, Honeymaid, and Radio Free Europe to name a few clients. We even won .Net Awards 2012 Best New Agency.

I learned how to grow a studio and produce next to a director. 

MBA, Clemson University, 2012

Husband to Stephanie and Dad to Lacey and Leo